Assorted Links

1. Scoring the United States election predictions of 2012.  When more common metrics than "Did his probabilities of over 50% work out" were used, Nate Silver's score was high but not higher than some other forecasts.  A few forecasters do beat the prediction markets at intrade, but intrade didn't do too badly either.

2. Developers vs unions in Philadelphia. With the internet, it's not just government abuse that can be exposed. Unions will have to be more careful about how they intimidate people into choosing to work with them. (HT: MR)

3. An interesting story of a trade association trying to furnish their office with products made in the US. Not surprisingly, it can get pretty expensive.

4. The flip side of the coin is a programmer who decided to outsource his own job and capture the profits. Outside of the security concerns this seems like a great idea.  However, that brings to mind the saying "Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"