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What resource are they leaning on that would lead you to believe that Dutch Disease --> their low R&D? I'd think it would have more to do with the chart in the report on 'ease of doing business'.
Greece sharing the same currency zone as Germany has de-industrialization effects similar to those of a resource boom.

From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_disease):


"The "spending effect" occurs as a result of the extra revenue brought in by the resource boom. It increases the demand for labor in the non-tradable, shifting labor away from the lagging sector. This shift from the lagging sector to the non-tradable sector is called indirect-deindustrialisation.


...competitive manufacturing industries do not return as quickly or as easily as they left. This is because technological growth is smaller in the booming sector and the non-tradable sector than the non-booming tradable sector. Since there has been less technological growth in the economy relative to other countries, its comparative advantage in non-booming tradable goods will have shrunk, thus leading firms not to invest in the tradables sector."